More than a Dream

Thought I would try something a bit different this post.  Kind of a stream of consciousness writing style.  Hope you enjoy.

Wow. Immediately my vision was overlaid with an energetic grid of perfectly spaced packets of energy only centimeters apart.  I could still see the room, but that quickly changed.  From the bottom right I was pulled into the pattern.  The pattern intensified.  Geometrically complex.  Infinite shape and color, vibrating and pulsating, evolving, changing, morphing, turning, creating, destroying.  It was everything. I had the intuition that this was what I’ve been searching for. Its undeniable familiarity was like coming home.  I knew I’d been here before.  I knew its nature.  I was the geometrical pattern, the never ending pattern.  It was constantly changing but always the same.  In a constant state of unfoldment.

Little Packets of Energy

The feeling was indescribable. Bliss. More than bliss. Letting go never felts like this before. Fear lost its hold almost instantly. I could come in and out, remembering life. I fiddled with the idea a couple times, but found more pleasure in forgetting it.  I weaved my way into the quilt, and found my way back out, following the individual thread of me.  But the infinite was what I came here to find.  I kept trying to hold on to things but remember saying, “everything you’ve done has been to see this, so let go. Be.”  And I would be.  I could have stayed forever, but I knew I had to be on Earth.  Each time I came back to the pattern I burst into laughter.  “It’s all for play!”  I would remember all over again.  It must have been a thousand times.  It is all for play.  Fear revealed itself as love.  I could only laugh.  We are so intricate in our creation, we fool even ourselves.

The noise was like a crystal.  It was fractal, if that makes any sense.  The clearest, cleanest noise I had ever heard.  It would break flawlessly and send me into the infinite pattern.  My body, the idea of me and everything I have experienced, locked into the design and shattered.  The pieces melted into the background and everything changed.  I could weave, I could see the weave of my life.  It was so insignificant in comparison.  Life really was nothing.  Just for fun, entertainment.  Its boring without it.  All of it is our choice and even the “bad” is for kicks.

A goddess brought me home, with gifts of pure love.  Stretched out on the bed, I laughed.  It was all so simple now.  Minutes and millennia passed.  I was eternal.  I was temporal.

Then I woke up.

Freeform flow. Expressed through dream

“Stop weaving and see how the pattern improves”



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