Treasure of the Mountain

Perched atop an entire valley, one facet of its of many faces consumed me.  Gleaming across the horizon lie mountains of marshmallows in monstrous proportions.  Up above, a blue so stunning it made any other shade warrant a complementary and descriptive adjective.  The great pines were dressed in highlighted silhouettes of the most colorful white.  Admits the fulcrum of winter, the lack of lush grew undetected.  Healthy tones of deep virescence were bountifully scattered across the vista. Vibrancy was of the hour.

My life did not matter.  Nor did I care to make it.  I sat.  Strapped into the most antithetical object one could plausibly conceive, I sat.  I sat and I forgot.

The mountain emancipated me.  I was free from the chains of thought and the walls of mentation.  In these moments, I was not astonished, for I had been here before.  In recognition, I could continue uninterrupted.  In no telling of how many seconds remained, I leaned forward.

Received with grace, I floated on clouds.  My body was moving with the mountain.  A pleasant resonance played notes rivaling Mozart.  Crisp in their entirety, yet soft in their deliverance, the tablature sung to my ears.  I turned with the trees and parted the white ocean of the canyon.  The pace of my fall was controlled.  Ease and poise.

Balanced against the earth, its nectar gave way to my path, it waves frozen in motion.  Sliding between, diving below, turning inside.  The metaphysical became tangent.  An instant injection of bliss.  A moment of deep meditation.  A glance at heaven and the definition of deliverance.  All above 11,000 feet.  All below 32 degrees.  All within my waking moments.

There were other people somewhere.  There were even people I knew.  There were cars and trucks, planes and boats, houses and hotels.  There were a lot of things.  But on this mountain, on the face of this canyon, only I existed.  I and the lot the natural world.  A world I so evidently contrasted.  The colors I wore, the objects I brought,  my intentions and my purpose diverged immensely.

Yet the mountain did not mind.  It still honored me with its truth.  Without judgement or scorn, I was given the gifts nature has to give.  I understood that it was temporary.  I understood it was unique.

Each trip I search for this moment.  Each trip I find it.  I am blessed to have such means of experience.  The moments never last more than a few minutes, but these minutes last for eternity.  It is not a difficult task to find others that agree.  Some may use different vocabulary, others may not speak.  Some may describe while others just show.  Many are out there and all will agree that the mountain and its treasure will set you free.