One of the most difficult and challenging tasks in life is understanding and implementing the virtue of surrender.  In all aspects of modern history surrender has been something frowned upon.  Surrender has always been an action attributed to the defeated and hopeless.

Surrender is almost always attributed to losing.  The disgraced country waving its white flag, the humiliated boxer throwing in the towel, the pathetic school boy turning down a fight. Each of these scenarios encapsulate the modern definition of surrender as failure.  Therefore it stands quite ironic that the only salvation from a life of pain, distress, and defeat begin with the acceptance of giving in.

All of life we battle to attain our own voice, our own will, and our own power.  We struggle with decisions of morality and challenges of character.  Conformity arises in the wake of societal pressure and economical gain.  Our voices quickly become those we desire to become.  However, in almost all cases these idolizations merit only material and earthly gain.  Most of us have already subscribed to a form of surrender – this form being most useless and destructive.

Based out of fear, this form of surrender has kept many feeling safe and secure.  Society has spawned a population in pursuit of vain and futile goals that distract and numb the minds of the masses.  It is of great curiosity and bewilderment that the energy put forth towards societal surrender be such an obstacle to channeling that same energy into spiritual surrender.

Spiritual surrender has almost always been discussed with religion.  In most – not all – modern religions, surrender is a tool used most commonly for control and power.  Instead of surrender to the divine, it was surrender to authoritative control.  Nevertheless, the spiritual surrender I am defining does not belong to any religion.  It is simply an act of faith upon a higher power.  This higher power may be defined as you wish.  God, fate, enlightenment, destiny, energy, the unified field, etcetera.  More precisely, it is something of greater power than yourself that is not of earthly measures.  And it is the surrender to this power that will grant you a life of effortlessness, prosperity, and ease.

Do you think these words are mine?  That each blog I write has come into existence because Matt Wallace has written them?  I am only a channel.  My writings express concepts and material that belong to the collective consciousness of all.  I am writing these words down, but I cannot claim them as my own, for they are coming to me from a place of infinite knowledge beyond the limits of my ego.  My work comes from my surrender.

Initially, I set out to write a blog on commitment, yet I could not find any words worth typing.  As soon as I left all of my ideas and listened to those of the infinite, I began to write in a fashion worth writing.  I put aside my agenda, for the more purposeful one of the omnipotent.  This is spiritual surrender.

All of the greatest of the great express this concept in their work.  The most magnificent artists, the most talented musicians, the most adept athletes, and the most gifted gurus claim nothing.  Their work is that of God, not their own.  Their surrender has invoked heavenly achievements on and earthly plane.  Even today in modern times, athletes – often unknowingly – discuss their surrender to the infinite during their performances.  The ability to act in slow motion, to attain complete awareness, and to act without thought are all attributes of celestial.

Another body of society that recognizes surrender as vital to success is Alcoholics Anonymous (AA).  The first step in their twelve step process is surrender.  Surrendering to a higher power takes the problem out of the addicts hands and gives it to the divine.  It is for this reason that AA is a long time standing achievement of great success in healing and empowerment.  The act of spiritual surrender guides those lost.

Spiritual surrender is not defeat.  It is relinquishing the personal ego for the consciousness of the divine.  An alignment of heavenly proportions, all actions through this channel will create ease and clarity, prosperity and fulfillment.  Heaven is only a state of mind and that state of mind begins with surrender.  So give in and be free of pain.