Will Ferrel, a postmodern Portland-esque setting, and a highly clairvoyant wrist watch.  Three entirely separate and unique ideas have bound themselves together to develop pure creativity.   In a game of connect-the-dots, these seemingly random objects have proven to be connected as they merged into unison to foster a common goal: this blog on inspiration.

These three ideas are the foundation of Stranger Than Fiction, a movie directed by Marc Forster.  A brilliant, well-paced film riddled with literary theory, epistemological growth, and immense character development has lead me to ponder the mysterious realm of inspiration.  As I was leisurely enjoying the film, I constantly found my mind in a state of creation.  Much like any other time of creativity, my mind was active, connected, and vibrant – drawing from experiences, memories, and the infinite database of creation.  I was inspired.

Inspired about inspiration.  Where does it come from? How does it work?  How can I know? Is it mine?  All of these questions come to mind in my meditations over inspiration.  The questions I pose seemed external – inspiration was developed through a movie that existed outside of myself.  However, this could not be more inaccurate for inspiration comes from within.

It is internal in the sense that inside each us exists an infinite field of pure creation – an area of all-knowing, unbounded, raw information that is without limitations.  It is here that one finds the source of their inspiration and creativity.

I have found it a number of ways and each way invokes a journey within.  Even my conscious stream of thought during the movie invoked an introspective path towards the inspiration I found.  Some paths are descriptively tangible, while others are more metaphysically revered.  Regardless, each path brings the inspired to the infinite field of creation.  Inside that state, true perfection exists.

Pure inspiration is immaculate.  It is flawlessly constructed to achieve a specific goal and organized in this manner to serve its purpose justly so.  It is of a divine origin beyond the physical state and of a transcendental nature.  It is for this reason that inspiration is not owned.

Intellectual property rights, trademarking, and copyrighting are extremely absurd concepts when considering the source of creation and its instruments.  The field every idea is generated from does not belong to any one person, nor can it be possessed.  This field is the life source for all and is the sustaining energy we all share.  Every object in existence is equally and entirely intrinsic to this field.  Therefore any idea or ray of inspiration is accredited to the ethereal state of being and not the individual or the ego.

We as instruments of creation are tailored in specific ways to channel this energy into manifestation.  We are literally the creators.  Learning how to tap into this field is our most important job in this life.  Merging with this field brings forth an effortless stream of consciousness and creativity.  It is those who are most adept at accessing the paths to this field that achieve the greatest achievements and can benefit mankind.

My awe this evening began with the concept of inspiration and continued with the seemingly serendipitous chain of events.  Each factor in my inspiration was uniquely identified as being part of a whole.  The final narration of the movie summed it up perfectly.  We often see the events in our lives as insignificant, routine, and mundane, yet every indiscriminate action is a part of a greater whole.  Everything has its larger purpose.  It just so happened that tonight mine involved a watch, a setting, and Will Ferrel.