Good Vibrations

Music has always been a large part of my life.  I rarely go a day without it.  As I have grown, the music I listen to has changed to mirror my life.  I had phases of lip-pierced punk rock rebellion, dashboard confessed depressions, “thugged out” gangster rap imitations, melancholic indie rock existentialism, irresponsible electronic recklessness, and now an eclectic mix of whatever just makes me happy.  I’ve noticed that each genre paralleled my existence.

As I created a certain vibration, I was given that identical vibration in the form of music.  Hence, my ipod was literally playing my consciousness on a loop.  This vibratory replication applies to much more than music.  The vibrations one creates echo back the entire reality one experiences.  For instance, a continually negative person experiences a negative reality where his or her day is consumed by defeatist, antipathetic events.  The same vibratory replication applies to the converse situation of the positive person experiencing a positive reality filled with joy, enthusiasm and beneficial events.  What one vibrates determines everything.

And it is just that which is important.  The control to change or reinforce a situation lies within ourselves.  Many people look to outside occurrences for inspiration to change.  Many people blame exterior events for the circumstances they have created.  It is of great draw to the ignorant to denounce control beyond one’s ability.  When referring to life, the term autopilot is incomprehensible for one is always in control.  Understanding change comes from within means that regardless of circumstances, one always has a choice.

We control our reality through our vibrations.  What is a vibration?  It starts with a thought, echoes into speech, and reverberates into action.  Vibration is birthed out of intent.  Intention is what determines the type of vibration one emits.  Good intention merits a “good vibration” and visa versa.  Intention is what guides our reality.

What is most incredible about vibrations is that they can reinforce the production of similar vibrations.  The more one commits to a certain output, the more easily one will continue to create that output.  The fruits of a vibration, whether positive or negative, support the existence of that same vibration.  This is good news because the more one vibrates positive, the easier it is to retain that positivity.

After realizing the music I was listening to was product of my consciousness, I started wondering what else was I affecting on a daily basis.  My dog? My plants? My girlfriend, coworkers, friends, television programs, clothes, attitude, speech?  The list is literally infinite as the entirety of creation is affected by our intentions.  So the next time you’re feeling down, remember there’s a whole universe ready to reciprocate.

PS The image above is referring to Dr. Masuru Emoto’s work on vibrations and water.  Take a look here.

Christopher Nolan: A Hollywood Guru?

I have seen Inception twice now and the reason I’m considering a third showing is at the mercy of Christopher Nolan’s strikingly surprising ability to hit the existential nail on the directly on the head.  The themes woven into the mind-bending, multi-level, subconscious/action thriller are almost too delicately placed, yet seem to break through the plot at the most opportune moments. Inception proved to be more than just an entertaining film; it breached boundaries of reality.  Inception posed the ultimate question: what is real?

I understand many other movies have also asked this question – a few thematically fit being the Matrix and the Truman Show – but Inception went a step further and gave some probing suggestions that I happen to be very interested in.  The first of these suggestions being reality as the mind.  Second, if reality is based inside the mind, then a thought is more real than the object the mind is thinking about, hence the pain experienced inside a dream.  In this sense, the mind is the creator and also the experiencer.  Nolan alludes to this in his dialogue when one of his characters explains how shared dreaming and creativity work.  The character goes on to say that in a dream the mind is simultaneously creating and experiencing.  Where Nolan left off, this blog will pursue.  Instead of the concept of a contemporaneous reality only applying just dreams, I believe we experience this phenomena every moment ad infinitum.

My mind sees everything in this room.  I am a visitor experiencing reality.  The objects are there and I a perceiving them.  This is an accepted paradigm.  The parameters of this paradigm elude the reality of, well, reality because excludes half of the equation.  I am the viewer who is also simultaneously the creator.  I am experiencing my surroundings just as much as I am creating them.  We literally create everything we perceive at the very same moment.

Scientists have dedicated an entire field to understanding this phenomena.  Quantum mechanics or physics, is based on the idea that matter is mainly non-matter vibrating in wave-like motions that only become “solid” once experienced.  On the other hand, this topic is also widely discussed in religion and spirituality.  Enlightenment is seen as becoming the observed and observer, the omnipresent.  Transcending the dualistic world of the intellect and realizing the subject is also the object.  In Catholicism, God is everywhere, in everything and all will eventually be reunited with him in his omnipresence, suggesting we reach this stage of concurrent reality at death.  On a personal note, I have experienced moments during meditations where I am witnessing a scene, yet it is from every single possible perspective of that scene.  It is as if I were creating and experiencing everything in unison. (However, in meditation, I am experiencing “allness”, and in waking life my mind is limiting my experience to my personal perception).  This concurrent experience is what Christopher Nolan’s Inception flirts with.  Is the dreamscape in his movie maybe a metaphor for our own everyday life?

How I would love sit down and talk with Mr. Nolan.