Food and Consciousness

Two subjects that completely engulf my life.  The majority of my time is spent between the two, if not both simultaneously.  I have long since been a spiritual student searching for higher states of consciousness.  I am also a culinary professional learning the art of food.  It seems only destined to find the balance that lays between my passions.

I am perfectly certain the relationship between the way we think and the way we eat can create a better world.  Even more so, it is absurdly ignorant to deny that this relationship affects world as it is today.  Food has lost its origins, not just its pastoral origins or its nutritional origins, but rather its ethereal origins.  The meaning of food today has become sustenance at worst and sensuous at best.  It is almost forgotten that through food lies the connection between our bodies and the energies that sustain us; the world we live in.  Food is a reminder of our simultaneous connected existence with the earth and everything around us.

As with most conceptual disconnections in today’s world, the foundational story has been lost.  Food has been conquered and its bygone divinity forgotten.  I remember the practice of monotonously repeating grace as a child before family dinner, never understanding its meaning.  The stories of grace reach back into Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism, and many more.  Each equate food as a means to connecting with God.  These stories hold a very important message.  Food is heavenly; food is consciousness.  Treating food as a divine gift would create magnanimous reverberations throughout all societies.

The way food is processed, commoditized, consumed, and wasted all indicate the harsh manner in which it is perceived.  Think about how much would change if our perception of food was one of respect and grace.  Monocultures, pesticides, GMOs, farm suicide rates, food miles, hypoxic dead zones, modern agrobusiness, famine, food-borne illnesses, obesity, “fat diseases”, pharmaceutics, and the list goes on, would cease to exist.  If food was created, used, and perceived through a higher level of consciousness – one that recognizes it supernal quintessence – then everything that dealt with food would inherently spawn from that state of consciousness. Each of the negative, aforementioned areas would replaced with a higher alternative.

This subject is my life’s work.  Much work is to be done, but I am grateful I have found my calling.  I believe that I can change the world by changing the way we understand food.


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