Blogging? Blogging. Blogging!

I want to become a writer.  Besides school assignments, I haven’t practiced much at all.  Paper and ink just seem too much of a hassle, I’ve never really taken to journals and the idea of creating a physically tangible stack of murmuring memoirs sounded a little – just by a tad – more ego stroke-ingly painful than deciding to create a virtual heap of rants.  Therefore, I have decided to start a blog.

I see this as an opportunity for unlimited, unabated, unscripted creativity.  I certainly make use of many blogs and have watched the progress of some pretty horrible writers lead to something worth while.  Some blogs I follow have even manifested into the REAL world – imagine that!  Concerts, books, catering companies, art shows.  There is much to be learned from blogging and I finally have come to admit it.  More than anything, I need to get back in the habit of feeding my creative mind.

I’ve encountered two types of blogs: useful and self-absorbed.  I am making a promise to myself and to any who choose to read my posts that I will stray from the latter and provide only the former.  There is nothing I enjoy more than receiving something great, inspiring, helpful or mainly just positive.  Thus, I am provoked, summoned and inspired to offer the same to you, the world – at least that is the world who is blogging. =)

By the way, that exclamation point was entirely worth it.


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